How many outfits can I wear?

You are allowed as many outfit changes as you'd like, but be mindful that time spent changing will eat away at the time of your session. I recommend no more than 2-3 outfit changes max.

What if I need to reschedule?

I am very flexible when it comes to rescheduling. Please try your best to stick with the determined date, but I understand emergencies come up and weather changes drastically, especially here in Houston. So just let me know with enough time in advance!

Are retainers refundable?

If I receive a heads up within 7 days before the shoot, I am more than reasonable. However, if I declined another inquiry to make your session, the retainer is non-fundable.

Can you do both video and photo for the same event?

No, I can only do one or the other. I am a one man team so I cannot do both at once. However, I am more than happy to recommend someone to fill the other position if hired! The only way I can do both is if I dedicate some time to soley photoraphy and the remaining time to filming.

Can we hire you if we live outside of Houston?

Of course! I love travel and am always down for another adventure. Prices will vary based off time and days required. Flight, hotel, and travel must be paid for by client. Please don't hesitate to reach out so we can discuss.

Do you have your own studio?

I do not, but many studios can be rented out for cheap! Most studios can be rented out for less than $100 and we can use all their equipment. If you decide to go this route, the price will be my regular price plus the cost of the studio.

How do I book a photo session?

Click "Book a Session" on the top of the menu bar it will take you to my booking page that will allow you to choose the type of session you'd like.

How do I book a video session?

Please fill out the video inquriy in the menu tab. Make sure to include date of event, type of event, type of video you are going for, length of video or videos you want, and more. Quotes vary based off video needs so setting up a phone call to discuss your vision in detail is always recommended to ensure I can make your video special to you.

Do you print the photos?

I do not print them myselves, but the final edited photos can be printed yourselves as many times as you'd like.

What if I want more pictures than my package provides?

You can always add on more pictures that you want edited and returned! It is $20 per extra 5 photos that you choose. You will be allowed to select and choose which one you want edited once proofs are sent.

Do you help with posing?

Definitely! It's very common for my clients to tell me they’re awkward in front of the camera so no worries. I’ll tell you where to stand, what to do, and give you actions to perform. I leave room for interaction and am always watching for the moments you forget yourself and relax. You’ll ease right into it, and things will become natural in no time so we can also capture those candid moments which are always the best ones!